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Who Are You?

The Who Rating Community

Who are you?:The Who Rating Community
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How does this work?
You join and post your application. Then, the other members get four days to cast their votes on which Who associate you are most like. After four days, one of the mods will stamp you, and you can get your stamp (currently in making) from here and upload it to your own server to put on your profile, website or wherever you fancy. Have fun!


-Before you post an application you must join the community
-You can post pictures, but they aren't required
-Fill out the below application. Please place everything under an LJ cut!
-To know that you read the rules, please put "Hope I Die Before I Get Old" in the subject line
-The longer the application, the better. It helps people decide who you're most like.

-You don't have to be stamped to vote for others.
-Only joined members can post
-Bold your final vote <-- Important!
-Please stay active in the community and vote for others.

-Only the moderators, colour_of and kittendew can stamp you
-You will be stamped after 3 days
-Please upload your stamp to your own server!
-If you are not satisfied with your stamping you can re-apply one more time, one week after the orginal stamping. Observe: If you re-apply, state your previous stamp to avoid getting the same again.

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Gender:
4. Location:
5. Your likes:
6. Your dislikes:
7. Talents:
8. Your strengths:
9. Your weaknesses:
10. Favorite member:
11. Least favorite member:
12. Favorite wife/girlfriend [if one]:
13. Least favorite wife/girlfriend [if one]:
14. Favorite song:
15. Favorite Who record:
16. Who do you think you're most like? And why?:
17. Influences?:
Do you care if you are voted as a Who member or a Who wife/girlfriend or Kit?:
Anything else?:
Pictures? [Not required, but if you do, please be two or more CLEAR pictures of yourself]:

Stamped Members